When in Doubt, Recycle

Dear Engineer,
I recently broke up with a boyfriend of couple months but we’re still on cordial, speaking terms. The only thing is, I already bought him a Valentine’s Day present. Part of me says that I should I return it but the other part of me thinks I should return it for money since I do need it. Then I think I should just give it to him anyway since it was meant for him. What should I do?

Torn in Seoul, 22

Dear Torn,
This is a no-brainer. No one should feel obliged to give anything—let alone a Valentine’s Day present—to their former flame. I am not sure if we have statistics to support this statement, but I would like to tell you that it is common known knowledge that if your ex is 27 years or younger (Korean age, of course), he is already likely meeting other women, and his friends are likely setting him up on sogaetings already. So, if he is, I don’t want to recommend you to have a lingering love. Please don’t waste your time on him, just pay more attention to yourself in order to meet a better man who will not leave you and your gifts hanging. Also, if the present you prepared is non-perishable, it is not a bad idea to regift it.

About Engineer

S.J. Kang and J.W. Lee are native Korean engineers. They’re super smart and they can analyze problems like it’s their job...because it is. They also happen to be single. Send inquires to engineer@seoulistmag.com.

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