The Seoulist Seven (June 28–July 3)

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    Detox with a citrus peel, Job’s tears and buckwheat blend from Faith, Hope and Charity Korean Medicine Clinic. Photo by Yaeri Song for Seoulist

MONDAY the 27th

Monsoon rain making your joints ache? Get treated with traditional Korean medicine at Dr. Lee’s Faith, Hope and Charity Clinic (신망애 한의원) in Cheongnyangni. Dr. Lee is secretly fluent in English and specializes in detox weight loss via traditional methods, so grab a few bags of herbal tea after you get acupunctured.

Faith, Hope and Charity Oriental Medicine Clinic (신망애한의원)
(02) 967-9667
Sungil Building, 2nd Floor
Cheongnyangni-dong 317, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
Cheongnyangni Station, exit 2 (line 1)

TUESDAY the 28th

Surround yourself with HD screens, die-hard sports fans and 500 won barbeque ribs every Tuesday night at Sam Ryans in Itaewon. Be sure to arrive early (at least 6 pm) if you want a seat. Otherwise, be prepared for standing room only. If pork won’t cut it, head downstairs for 300 won hot wings at 3 Alley Pub.

Sam Ryans Sports Bar and Grill
02) 749-7933
Itaewon-dong 116-15, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Itaewon Station, exit 1 (line 6)

WEDNESDAY the 29th

Korea gets to enjoy the third installment of Transformers a full month ahead of some countries—reportedly due to rampant domestic piracy issues. Catch the film in 4D at Yongsan and Wangshimli CGV. Reserve tickets in advance via CGV or Megabox.

THURSDAY the 30th

Catch the closing day of Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival (MSFF), the prestigious annual shorts competition at CGV Yongsan (Yongsan Station, line 1). Thursday’s final program before the closing ceremony will feature award-winners from last year.

Buy tickets
02) 927-5696

FRIDAY the 1st

According to the Korean Meteorological Administration, Friday is one of the few dry days of the week in Seoul. Luckily for us, it’s also when the Ttukseom, Yeouido, Gwangnaru and Mangwon outdoor swimming pools along the Han River open to the public (other pools, including Jamwon and Jamsil pools are slated to open in mid-July). The sprawling Ttukseom Swimming Pool is a local favorite, frequented by families and some very attractive “high-class” “working” ladies, as rumor has it. All-day admission for adults is 5,000 won at all public swimming pools in Seoul.

SATURDAY the 2nd

Grab your high-speed lens and head to Olympic Hall in Olympic Park to watch B-boys Gone Wild at R16 Korea. Breakdancers from across the world will be there to showcase their head-spinning, joint-bending talents before a panel of judges that includes the legendary Ken Swift.

Olympic Hall, Olympic Park
Olympic Park Station (line 5), exit 3
Mongchontoseong Station (line 8), exit 1

SUNDAY the 3rd

Channel your inner Woodstock at Rainbow Music Camping Festival, taking place on beautiful Nami Island, just a couple hours northeast of Seoul (that’s two hours without traffic). Brian McKnight with special guest Kim Bum-soo (김범수) is headlining Sunday evening. Free up your Saturday evening as well to catch KT Tunstall and Superstar K sweetheart Jang Jae-in (장재인).

77,000 won for one-day pass (110,000 for 2 days)
English booking:
Purchase tickets at Interpark Global

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