The Seoulist Seven (July 4–10)

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    Pack a dosirak and head to Seoul Plaza for outdoor concerts throughout the month of July.

MONDAY the 4th

World Music Festival | Starting tonight and every weeknight throughout the summer, the monolithic grand staircase of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts will be transformed into an urban amphitheatre featuring the best of world music from Korea and around the world. Don’t forget to bring some padding for seats!

Sejong Center for the Performing Arts (세종문화회관)
World Music Festival: “Encounters and Exchange with the World”
July 4–August 31, Mon–Fri, 8–9 pm
Gwanghwamun station, exit 8 (line 5) or Gyeongbokgung Palace station, exit 6 or 7 (line 3)

TUESDAY the 5th

Art therapy | Treat post-Fourth of July blues by viewing the work of 47 different American artists from Man Ray to the ubiquitous Andy Warhol. 12,000 won includes admission into the Deoksu(gung) Palace.

The American Art: Masterpieces of Everyday Life from the Whitney Museum of American Art
Open through September 25 (Closed Mondays)
Deoksugung Palace Annex of National Museum of Contemporary Art
City Hall Station, exit 2 (line 1) or exit 12 (line 2)


Beauty is in the eye of the reader | From pocket-sized indie publications to colossal catalogues and hardcovers, this exhibition introduces the “25 most beautiful books” published in 2010. Peruse the books and additional multimedia including interviews with the book designers.

Beautiful Books in Korea
Seoul Art Space Seogyo (서교예술실험센터)
July 1–10

THURSDAY the 7th

Given the high chance of showers on Thursday, it may not be a bad idea to spend the day at COEX. Watch a movie at Megabox, browse through foreign books at Bandi & Luni’s and head to the C Hall for the opening day of the Seoul Auto Salon. Most typical conventions are a dime a dozen, but ones with racing models might just be worth your 10,000 won admission.

Seoul Auto Salon 2011
July 7–10  
Samseong Station, exit 5 or 6 (line 2)

FRIDAY the 8th

Take a night tour of the Hangang | The night ferry rides along the Han River give you an opportunity to drink in the cityscape at twilight, among other things—it’s a BYOB-friendly ride, after all. You can board and disembark at three different locations (Yeouido, Jamsil, Ttukseom) but remember that these are ferry rides, not water taxis. Most rides are round-trip for your viewing pleasure, though some do make one-way trips.

Hangang River Ferry Cruise  (Korean website)
02) 3271-6900

SATURDAY the 9th

Midsummer Night’s Jazz Concert | Pack your best dosirak and head to Seoul Plaza for an outdoor jazz concert featuring the 15-member Break Big Band with Lee Hanjin (이한진). The band is joined by jazz vocalist Sunwoo Jeonga (선우정아) who, despite composing and producing for K-Pop groups like 2NE1, actually has an impressive set of pipes herself. The evening will be topped off by Hongdae Inspier Band (홍대 인스피어밴드), a main stage act in the Hongdae circuit.

Midsummer Night’s Jazz Concert
Seoul Plaza, 7:30–9:10 pm
02) 2171-2476
City Hall station, exit 5 (line 1)

SUNDAY the 10th

Serenity in the heart of Gangnam | Inundated by shiny business suits, shady officetels and street vendors, the Seolleung station district is far from an urban sanctuary. But continue past the scattered “massage” cards and you will find Seonjeongneung, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s actually a Joseon Dynasty royal burial grounds, but there’s nothing morbid about it; meticulous landscaping and rolling hills in lieu of tombstones have made Seonjeongneung the perfect place to spread a Sunday picnic.

Seonjeongneung (선정릉) | English website
Seolleung station, exit 8 (Bundang line or line 2)

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