The Seoulist Seven (July 11–17)

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MONDAY the 11th
Forecast: Rain

Indoor fun for everyone | If monsoon rain has brought you and your family to the brink of summer cabin fever, head to Yangjae where the aT Center has been converted into an indoors sports complex for this year’s Toonifestival. Appease your kid (or inner kid) with some fun and games and cameos appearances by characters from the domestic cartoon network, Tooniverse.

July 11–August 28
Yangjae aT Center
Admission: 15,000 won for children (includes “mission boook”) 12,000 won for adults
Purchase tickets: Interpark (Korean)

TUESDAY the 12th
Forecast: Rain

Take advantage of the intervals between rainfall and capture the beautiful atmosphere in Seoul created by the mist and reflections. Better yet, win some prize money and recognition for your photos by submitting them to a photo contest hosted by the city of Seoul and Lomography Society International. It’s open to anyone, anywhere.

Tour Seoul Photo Contest
Apply online July 7–August 26

WEDNESDAY the 13th
Forecast: Rain

Seoul Folk Flea Market is like Insadong on steroids. It features not only traditional goods and souvenirs, but food, demonstrations and performances. And most importantly, it’s covered so you don’t have worry about getting rained on. To get an idea of the offerings, check out some pictures on blogs before you go.

Seoul Folk Flea Market (서울풍물시장)
Open everyday, 10 am–7 pm (closed second and fourth Tuesdays of the month)
Sinseol-dong station, exit 6 (line 1) or exit 9 or 10 (line 2)
More information | Seoul website | Visit Korea website

THURSDAY the 14th
Forecast: Rain

There’s always a concert on Thursday evenings at Yeouido Hangang Park… or else it wouldn’t be called the Always Concert series. The lineup for this Thursday includes the eclectic beats of indie Korean bands Milk Kwon and the Great Voyage (권우유와 위대한항해), Drive Shower (드라이브샤워) and Chiva Sound (치바사운드). The calendar (in Korean) for the remainder of the month can be found here.

Always Concert (올웨이즈 콘서트)
Floating Stage at Yeouido Park
(Most) Thursdays at 7 pm

FRIDAY the 15th
Forecast: Rain

Fantastic Friday | Head to Bucheon to experience horror, thriller and fantasy movies from Bollywood to Hallyuwood during the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival. We’re giving away tickets, so e-mail your name and phone number to for a chance to snag seats to screenings!

15th Annual Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival
July 14–24
Bucheon, Gyeonggi province

SATURDAY the 16th
Forecast: Partly cloudy

On top of the world | Of the five reserves that make up the World Cup Park, Haneul Park lives up to its name as the highest park within the grounds (haneul is Korean for “sky”). It’s also one of the greenest parks in the area, with its own wind turbines that power the street lamps and information centers of World Cup Park. There’s even an electric train that transports visitors between Haneul and Nanji Hangang parks for 2,000 won (3,000 round trip). Not a bad redemption for what used to be a massive landfill! Check out more images of the park available on Seoul Tourism’s blog. A Korean travel power blogger has some great nature shots here, including those of the tall sequoia-lined paths.

Haneul Park
World Cup Stadium station, exit 1 (line 6)

SUNDAY the 17th
Forecast: Partly cloudy

Little Manila | “The Daehakro area in northeast Seoul has long been famous for its emerging artists and a plethora of theaters featuring up-and-coming actors on stage. But even the locals aren’t aware that every Sunday provides an opportunity to savor Filipino cuisine, hear Tagalog and interact with the Pinoy community on the main street of that same locale…” Read the full description here.

Filipino Market
Sundays, 8 am–4 pm
Hyehwa station, exit 1 (line 4) and walk straight about 100 meters.


A COEX convention kiosk costs considerably more than an Etsy shop to set up, so these artisans at the Handmade Korea Fair are probably more marketing-savvy than those you may run into at the Seoul Folk Flea Market.

Handmade Korea Fair
July 14–17
Samseong station, exit 5 or 6 (line 2)
10,000 won admission

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