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Whether you like it or not, Korea is changing, and as its hub, Seoul is at the epicenter of it all. A growing number of second-generation Koreans are swimming to the motherland to be a big fish in a small pond. More business professionals look to Seoul as the world economy shifts to Asia. And English-speakers across the world want to know more about this understated country. The world around us is changing as well. More than ever before, we’re inundated by content, both good and bad, long and short. And the intellectual and cultural appetites of Seoulites are starting to outpace the quality and volume of good content available to them, especially in English.

Seoulist is dedicated to creating the most comprehensive and contextualized overview of the city for those who want to live—not just stay—in Seoul.

That’s why it’s time for a online magazine featuring the best of city affairs, characters and curiosities to serve the English-speaking community of Seoul. We are a small group of bilingual internationals, expats and native Koreans who believe in good content and good design. Our approach is simple: our goal is to create the most comprehensive and contextualized content for those who want to live—not just stay—in Seoul.

Seoulist offers local features, insightful interviews, restaurant and culture reviews that you expect from any city magazine, plus more. We have unique columns and ongoing projects from talented contributors like Daniel Tudor, the Korea Correspondent for The Economist and The Jolly Box columnist, as well as National Geographic Society’s Young Adventurer of the Year, James Hooper, who details his outdoor adventures in Korea in Great Expeditions. Take a look at the lives of young women in the city with Seoulista Diaries. And of course, Dear Engineer, is where you can get unexpectedly good advice from two native Korean engineers.

Bespoke means never having to say you’re conventional. Seoulist doesn’t simply list restaurants; it offers pairings with nearby cafes or relevant activities to create a social itinerary for the busy city dweller. You’ll find this custom experience in our design as well. With Abstract Futures at the creative helm, we spent hours mulling over the hierarchy of the layout, the stroke width of each line break and even the format of URLs to create a truly bespoke web experience.

Lastly, we’re still in the process of smoothing things over, so be sure to visit us over the next few days for more updates. Enjoy Seoulist, and please don’t hesitate to give us feedback.

From Seoul with Love,

2011 February 11

Yaeri Song

About Yaeri Song

Yaeri Song is a closeted filmmaker based in Seoul who enjoys long walks in the park with her celebrity Pekingese.

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