Seoulist Weekender: September 14–16

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The Freaks x NoN concert | Friday, September 14, 8:30 p.m.
K-indie bands 얄개들 and 논 perform at Strange Fruit in Hongdae. Curious about their sound? Have a listen. Tickets 15,000 at the door (no presale), includes free drink. At Strange Fruit (Seogyo-dong 330-14, basement). Check Facebook for details.

Fifty Seoul Flea Market | Saturday, September 15, 2–7 p.m.
Fifty Seoul is a flea market and fashion initiative started in March 2011 by Your Boyhood, Tizza, and Cracker Your Wardrobe in the wake of the Japanese tsunami. Fifty percent of the proceeds were donated to charity—and thus, Fifty Seoul was born. Now a monthly event, proceeds go to various local charities, and this Saturday’s flea market will be accompanied by DJs and a photography exhibition by Kang Min-gu. Free admission (though why not show some love to the cafe for hosting and buy a coffee?). WAYSOFSEEING is at 683-134 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu (behind MMMG, B1).

Seoul Open Stage concerts | Every Saturday & Sunday through November
Professionals and amateurs alike can take the stage in these open concerts, which run the gamut from musicals to jazz and are delightfully unpredictable. It’s exactly the kind of performance series that reminds you you’re in a city, with the various and obscure talents of its denizens collected and brought to light. Performances take place all over Seoul—you can search for the next one in your area here or search by date here [ ]. A sampler of this Saturday’s events: The Chalumeau Clarinet Ensemble in Itaewon (across from Suji’s) at 5 p.m.; Performance Group “O” at Sindorim Opera House at 6 p.m.; and Dance Company Ri at Achasan.

LU’ AU Ukulele Festival | Saturday, September 15, 1–8 p.m.
Whether you’re a dead beginner or Iz himself reincarnated, you’ll find something to enjoy at the LU’AU Ukulele Festival. Try out a free ukulele lesson, shop for discounted ukes, and hang out along the river with other uke players. Close your eyes, you might even imagine yourself in Hawai’i… Free admission. Nanji Hangang Park, Jandi Field (map).

Slow Food Festival | September 14–16
In pursuit of good, clean and fair food, Slow Food Korea is hosting this festival in Namyangju, Paldang, one of Asia’s biggest organic farming regions (about 1.5 hours outside of Seoul). Red pepper paste, tofu, rice cakes and Buddhist cuisine-making experiences are all free (we can’t guarantee the availability of English instruction, but we’re sure it will be delicious!). If the prospect of Korean is daunting, we hear there’s an English-speaking group going, but you might want to email them quickly…! Free admission. At the Namyangju Organic Theme Park (map). Take the Joongang line to Woongilsan Station and either taxi to the 남양주유기농테마파크 or follow these directions to bus and walk.

By the way, if you haven’t noticed the uber-short films playing in the subways of Seoul, keep your eyes peeled for them: It’s all part of the joint German-Korean Going Underground Film Fest, through September 18. For a better view, you can watch them online (and vote for your favorites) here.

Our Weekender selections are drawn from personal recommendations, internet scouring or press releases. We try to be meticulous with our listings, but events may change without notice. If you would like to submit an event, please send descriptions (in English) and photos to

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