Seoulist Weekender: March 2–4

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Myeong-dong Narratives at Seoul Museum of History | Through March 31
Some flock to the fluorescent streets of Myeong-dong for fashion, while others avoid the shopping district like the plague. Yet still, others remember the area as a Japanese town during the the Japanese colonial era. Inspired by Lee Dong-gu, an artist who meticulously documented the cultural landscape of Myeong-dong in the 50s and 60s, this exhibition paints an evolving picture of one of Seoul’s most storied neighborhoods through photographs, art, words and artifacts. Read more about this exhibition at Seoul Museum of History (map).

Cinema Fridays at Seoul Baekje Museum | Fridays through June
Ahead of its grand opening on April 30, the Seoul Baekje Museum (한성백제박물관) is hosting free movie nights in their 300-seat auditorium. Every Friday at 6:30 pm, the public is invited to watch films based on a rotating theme. This month’s theme is “This Could Happen to You,” which calls for apocalyptic titles such as the Hollywood disaster film, 2012, Korea’s very own Haeundae and the heartwarming Japanese film, A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies (マリと子犬の物語). See the entire schedule of screenings on the museum’s website. The soon-to-open museum is located at 88-20 Bangyi-dong, Songpa-gu. Getting there: Mongchontoseong Station (exit 1) and walk about 650m towards the South 2 gate of Olympic Park. Or get off at Olympic Park Station (exit 3), walk about 1 km towards South 2 gate. Free admission. Seats on first come basis.

Lisa Ono concert | Sunday, March 4
Japanese-Brazilian Bossa Nova queen Lisa Ono returns to Korea to delight Latin music lovers this weekend. Expect to hear several of her hit songs like My Cherie Amour, Jambalaya as well as her renditions of La Vie en Rose and Moon River. And of course, no singer’s visit to Korea wouldn’t be complete without a performance of Arirang! Can’t make it on Sunday? Look for seats at her concert on Saturday evening at Yongin , Gyeonggi-do. Sunday’s concert takes place at Seoul Art Center. Tickets start at 40,000 won at Interpark.

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