Seoulist Weekender (August 19–21)

  • Photo by Photo © Seoul Fringe Festival

    An independent arts festival started in 1998, Fringe Festival takes on Hongdae every summer. Photo © Seoul Fringe Festival

A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Myeongdong Theatre (through August 21)
A Korean translation of Shakespeare’s classic work. The costuming looks fabulous, a nod to both traditional Korean garb and the whimsy inherent to the play. There are English subtitles at every Saturday performance, but even if you can’t understand Korean and can’t go to the subtitled performance, consider going anyhow. Seeing a familiar tale told in another language is a fascinating experience. You’ll focus on the ways the story is communicated through gesture, choreography and scene, and you might even find yourself forgetting that you can’t understand their spoken words. Tickets for the 90-minute play run from 15,000 to 45,000 won.

Student Art Exhibit at Hongik University (through August 22)
Discover emerging artists before they step foot in the real world. The Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival at Hongik University bring us an exhibit of student artwork (some of which are even available for sale). Open until August 22nd. Entrance fee is 6,000 won (4,000 for students). Get a glimpse of what you might see here.

Seoul Fringe Festival (through August 27)
An independent arts festival started in 1998, Fringe Festival takes on Hongdae and various Seoul venues every summer with street art, performance art, musical performances and displays of up and coming artists’ work. There are no judges deciding which artists can participate, so you’ll not only find a wider variety of artwork, you’ll also see artists taking more risks. Check out the English website for more info (the Korean version of the site has more details and a map).

Cine-Vacances Seoul (through August 28)
Showings of classic films, from Welles to Hitchcock to Godard. This is a rare opportunity to see the greats on the big screen in Seoul. You could, for example, see the original Planet of the Apes on Sunday, August 21 at 4:30pm before going to see its modern-day prequel in theaters now. Or perhaps the 5:30 pm showing of Psycho on Thursday, August 25 will provide excellent grounds for clutching your date’s hand. Tickets are 6,000 won, and can be bought in person or online at,, or Showings are held at Seoul Art Cinema (Jongno-3-ga station, Nagwon-sanga, 4th floor). Showtimes and more info can be found at (Tip: look for the “ⓔ” which indicates English subtitles!)

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