Note: We’re no longer accepting contributions to Seoulist at this time.

We love people who love Seoul.

We love enthusiastic wordsmiths who are enchanted by the complexity of the urban experience. Stories we enjoy are thoughtful, well-researched and beautifully written. We believe that content should be just as accessible to overseas admirers as it is to seasoned Seoul veterans—expats and otherwise.

Photo by Yaeri Song for SeoulistThough we cover a variety of subjects, our main drive is toward depth rather than breadth. In other words, no topic is off-limits if a writer can craft an original and compelling story around it. For example, we wouldn’t publish a photo essay of funny Konglish examples—we would publish a thoughtful essay on the accidental poetry of non-native English.

We prefer finished articles, but if you have a great idea, send us a pitch. Our ideal pitch is smart, interesting and concise. It’s three paragraphs long. The first tells us a little bit about who you are: Send us links to pieces that you’ve written and why you’re uniquely qualified to write this story. The second should tell us about your story idea. It should be something new or at least offer a fresh perspective on an old idea. Familiarize yourself with our site and see if it would be a good fit for us. (Total turnoff: pitching a piece we’ve already published. :/) Finally, tell us how you’ll execute the story. What contacts have you already made? Who will you interview? Through your pitch we should be able to gather that you have already done your homework and that the topic isn’t just a passing fancy.

We have high standards, but unfortunately we don’t have the means to pay for content (we hope that changes!). We also don’t accept content that has already been published elsewhere (that includes your personal blog). We know it’s a lot to ask, but we see it as a labor of love, and we hope you will too. We promise: we’ll treat your pieces with care.

Photographers + Artists + Designers

Good content and good design are two sides of the same coin—we believe every story should be accompanied by an equally engaging visual component. We love seeing Seoul through fresh eyes (or lenses), so please share your unique take on Seoul with us.

Photographers interested in working on assignment: we’d love to hear from you. The work is diverse—from taking portraits of Seoul’s extraordinary expats to styling care package contents. Let us know what you’d like to photograph, and we’ll try to match you with stories and writers to build your portfolio. We also accept submissions for our Photo of the Week series. If you have a fantastic snapshot in your stock (that hasn’t been featured elsewhere), please send it to us with a brief description.

Illustrators and graphic designers, we want you, too! Some of our pieces require the hand of an artist, and we’d love to collaborate with you on pieces to accompany our writing.

We at Seoulist love a good story, and sometimes it’s better to say it with pictures than with words. If you are a talented visual essayist or comic artist, please send us a completed submission or a detailed pitch including samples.