Call for Creators 2013

Contributing Writers
Anyone can submit a piece, but regular contributors and correspondents with areas of speciality are especially welcome. Unless you’re writing a timely restaurant or event review, you do not have to be based in Seoul or Korea to contribute. If you’d like to contribute an article, please refer to

Freelance Editors
Editors are the engines that drive Seoulist Mag. As a Seoulist editor, you will help conceptualize and craft stories from pitch to publishing, and everything in between. Editors are natural storytellers with an exceptional command of English (Korean language skills and a good understanding of Korean culture are also very helpful). As an editor, we ask that you invest at least five to 10 hours per week into Seoulist and that you be available to meet on a monthly basis in Seoul for Seoulist workshops. Special perks include concert/show tickets, tasty treats and expensed coffee/lunch meetings.

Photographers, illustrators and content creators
We’re always seeking to match the right words with the right images. If you’re a designer, illustrator, photographer or videographer, we want to collaborate with you!

Editorial Interns
Our internships are for bilingual students interested in online publishing. Interns contribute in many ways, including translating, research, coordinating shoots, reaching out to guests and booking interviews.

If you’re interested in joining the team, visit and e-mail us at

Seoulist Team

About Seoulist Team

At Seoulist, we’re obsessed with culture and the wonderful melange that can only arise out of a beautiful, frustrating, and exciting city like Seoul. We take an expansive view of culture, and believe that anything can be interesting. Read more about the team here.

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