Seoulist is an English language online magazine curated to feature the best of Seoul affairs, characters and curiosities. At Seoulist, we’re obsessed with culture and the wonderful melange that can only arise out of a beautiful, frustrating, and exciting city like Seoul. We take an expansive view of culture, and believe that anything can be interesting–even a little black pen. Our favorite pieces offer an unconventional take on something familiar, whether it’s the history of ssuk or subway secrets that every rider should know, but didn’t. Whatever we do, we strive to produce good writing, believing that how we say something is just as important as what we say.

Note: As of winter 2014, we are currently working on revamping the Seoulist website. During this time, Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time of limited online activity.

The Team

Yaeri Song | Editor in Chief
Yaeri founded Seoulist in 2011 after moving to Seoul to work in Korea’s fascinating entertainment industry. In her spare time, she bakes, plays with puppies and works at a creative agency. | @yaerss

Jungho Kim | Design Director + Strategy Advisor
A traveler masquerading as Seoulist’s Design Director, Jungho is obsessed with viewing the world through various lenses–as long as they’re prime. | @najunghoya

Sonja Swanson | Managing Editor
Half-Korean, half-Scandimerican, world citizen. Sonja’s smitten with Seoul, is partial to crunchy persimmons and has a love-hate relationship with the written word. | @sonja_jaja

Jacqui Gabel | Food Editor
Raised in Minnesota and schooled in New York, Jacqui loves summer, food on a stick, harmonicas, scuba diving and all things pickled. | Blog

Meagan Mastriani | Editor
Meagan is the other half of a little black dog named Bingsoo. The pair enjoy long walks around the city, riverside picnics and treats. | Blog | @meaganmastriani

Alex Jung | Editor
Alex is a writer who calls both New York and Seoul home. His writing has appeared in Salon, The Morning News, and Yonhap, among other publications. He is obsessed with the highbrow, the lowbrow, and the very lowbrow. | Tumblr